It’s true. Our physical selves will… But there is much more to the story.


Death is not personal. It is as much a part of the natural circle as birth.

For some reason, our western society has launched into near fanatical celebration of the beginning of the cycle without acknowledgement of the inevitable transition.

Life is but a day, some go to sleep early, others stay up late but no one sleeps forever.

You will awaken again; the love and lessons lived not lost. The Sun rises and sets, the Moon waxes and wanes, the tides come in and go out, civilisations rise and fall as does your chest with the breath of life; a constant cycle, from the moment you got here until the last one in this physical incarnation.

God does not “take” anything or anyone from you and you are not a victim. Death comes to each and every one of us.

Instead, see and understand that you have been “given” everything. It is up to you what you do with it while you are here.”

~ Anne Kelly

About Anne Kelly

With a career beginning in California doing singing telegrams, stand-up comedy and presenting tours at Universal Studios Hollywood and Hearst Castle, she followed the call into Radio and television. Anne’s been on the radio since 1989. She has been seen in local, regional and national television commercials, hosted many infomercials and Lifestyle/Entertainment shows as well. Anne even gave birth to her son on one of the first Reality Television shows, “A Baby Story.” Anne is a grateful and happy mother and wife with one beautiful teenage son. In addition to hosting Communication and Confidence workshops, Anne is still on the radio in California, she hosts a daily weekday radio show from her home studio in Totnes and also records voice-over work for radio and television commercials, travel presentations, audio books and phone systems for both the United States and the United Kingdom. Anne also writes, blogs and is currently working on her first book.

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