I was asked about the photo used as a featured image and thumbnail here for The Fourteenth Lesson ~
Here is my response and the photos taken before and leading up to the final shot:

“Yes, that is a remarkable iPhone photo of what appears to be a man in blueish/purpleish hues. These photos were taken by my Husband as part of an art project using water and light (this series was taken at night) last summer…. I have used for the artwork for the videos here on Annekelly.com and sometimes (like as in this case) as a thumbnail for the Youtube video. This one happened while Husband was working outside of and reflecting on what I was recording in the studio and this just showed up in the camera roll ~ quite by “accident” ~ when he showed it to me, I joked that it appeared like “Jesus in a hat” ~ but it felt like “Coot-umi” (?) ~ I had heard the name in my studies before, … We went and Googled the name… I can’t say for sure what it is in that photo ~ but the similarities were uncanny. The name of this very similar man ~ is actually spelled Koot Humi and is the K.H. in the teachings of Helena Blavatsky. Is this an image of that man/Master? I don’t know… These are the the photos of light and images before and the final image was captured. There is also the image here on the 12th lesson… that was taken in the same evening… that we call “The Pleaidians” for lack of a better word
We’d be interested to hear thoughts and reflections…

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