These teachings are ancient truths, they are not exclusive,

they belong to all of us

and have done since the beginning of time ~

 All is One

Recognition of the law of Universal Unity, Wholeness and Oneness

Hearts are not just blood pumping organs, nor is Love just for close relations ~ for hidden in this heart-space of all of humanity is  the light that will illuminate all life, future and the pasts.

Time is not linear

Remember, the Law of Attraction is older than time and is not a “religious” thing ~ it is a Universal law, not dissimilar to any given physical law like “the law of gravity” ~ but it involves frequency and energy, thought and vibration. Practical faith indeed works “magic”

Love is all there is

We are a vibration of Love, consciousness and energy

The answers are within, if we are quiet enough to hear

Gratitude, radical acceptance and forgiveness are the simple keys to happiness

We ARE each other

Lingering in sorrow/misery is a self-indulgent choice

Resentments are simply a lack of forgiveness

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“You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop” ~ Rumi

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