Addiction Education Workshops

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Anne Kelly 

Substance Abuse Survivor and Californian Radio/TV personality

ADDICTION: Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the Workplace

Workshops and Seminars  on Education, Understanding, Survival and Prevention

Anne has spent over 20 years in the American radio and television industry, as a broadcaster, a rock radio disc jockey and television spokesperson. A performer and public speaker since her teens, her career included stand up comedy and performing/presenting at Universal Studios, Hollywood. From 2010 – 2016 she continued to host a daily weekday radio show via the internet for central California from her home studios in Devon.

With raw honesty, humour and heart, Anne courageously shares her story of survival and triumph after active addiction, sparing no detail of her spiral into the dark and harrowing clutches of Alcoholism and addiction. An equal opportunity afflicter, addiction is serious and can be fatal regardless of caste, creed, wealth, status or class. A disease that causes you to pursue something at all costs, with insatiable hunger, tirelessly and without end to complete obliteration of the world around you, leaving shattered lives and broken-hearts reeling in confusion and crushing devastation.

Anne has worked in both public and private sectors around California and here in the Southwest UK; speaking at conferences, events, universities and colleges on topics such as:  confidence, compassion, communication, the power of thoughts/words/emotions and finding personal freedom,

“Yogi Philosophy” was published in November, 2016 and Anne’s writings have also been published in “Share” Magazine (UK), her textbook journey has been the subject of articles in several Californian Newspapers and magazines in the US. Anne served as Chairman on the Board of Directors of the rehab facility she attended; Capistrano/Jason’s Retreat in California and hosted “Recovery Radio,” a National (American) Talk Radio show for CRN (Cable Radio Networks.) During her two years with CRN she worked with  leading addiction experts and recovery professionals all over the United States, including The Betty Ford Center in Palm Springs, California.

•Identify/understand the signs and symptoms of addiction

•Addicts are Not bad people, but rather ill people who do bad things

•Looking to the power and solution within

•Two lifestyles. One lifetime

•One out of 4 is directly affected: Each directly and negatively affects approximately 20

•Addiction is an epidemic: a massively misunderstood Disease/Disorder of the mind, body, spirit

•The time has come for education and understanding to finally remove the shame and stigma of addiction




  1. Hi My Name Is Blanca I Would Like To Purchase A Copy Of The Book Please Send Me The Link

    • Hello Blanca, thank you for your enquiry 🙂 Are you referring to the Yogi Philosophy books? I will have a written one with a personal forward later this year, however for the original printed ones I will refer you to … if you are enquiring about a written book on Addiction Awareness ~ That has not been completed yet. Thank you again for stopping by. Love and light to you Dear xx

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